Big Faceless Report Generator 1.2.9

The Big Faceless Report Generator

This is the JavaDoc API documentation for the Big Faceless Report Generator, a java package for creating PDF documents from XML. It's available from

This javadoc contains information on the API. Although there's a lot of classes, for most users there will only ever be three that need to be referenced:

  • For standalone applications, the ReportParser class, which converts the XML to PDF. Users may also want to glance at the PDF class to see how to write the PDF to a file
  • For Java Servlets, the PDFProxyServlet class is the servlet framework which needs to be extended
Package Description
Contains the basic classes for creating a Graph.
Contains classes for formatting entries on a graphs' axis.
Contains "curves" which are plotted on AbstractLineGraph and subclasses.
Contains the classes for rendering a Graph to an output device.
Contains the classes used to create a PDF document
Contains the high-level classes for running the XML to PDF conversion