PDF Library Example Documents

Here are some example PDF documents created with the PDF Library. These documents, along with a few others, are included in the download package with the commented source code that created them.

PDF Viewer Applet

Here's an example installation of our Java PDF viewer running as an applet.


Hello World

Hello World example

The simplest possible example. We made it a bit more interesting by encrypting it - the password is "password".

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Form Completion

Form Completion example

Demonstrates the Extended Edition feature of filling out a form in an existing PDF. Fill out the fields below and press Go to see the result.


Multiple Fonts

Multiple fonts example

An example showing TrueType and Type 1 fonts, demonstrating kerning, ligatures and line justification.

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Images example

An example showing embedded GIF, JPEG and PNG images. The BFO library can handle all these plus TIFF, PNM and JPEG2000.

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Unicode example

An example containing the same phrase in 23 different languages, demonstrating the Unicode capabilities of the library.

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Graph examples

Things get even more interesting when you combine the PDF library with our old Graph library V1. This 24 page document shows what could be achieved. The new Graph Library V2 can do all this, plus lots more.

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User Guide

User Guide

The user guide for the library was actually created with our Report Generator. It demonstrates most of the features available in the library.

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