Interface SidePanel

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    SearchPanel.Results, ThumbnailPanel.ThumbnailSidePanel

    public interface SidePanel
    Represents a side-panel in a DocumentPanel. Typical uses are to display Thumbnails, Document outlines and so on. Any class implementing this interace must be a Component.

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    • Method Detail

      • setDocumentPanel

        void setDocumentPanel​(DocumentPanel panel)
        Set the DocumentPanel this SidePanel is a member of. This method is called every time the DocumentPanel has it's document changed - the SidePanel should be reinitialized in this call. If the SidePanel is removed, this method will be called with null as it's argument.
      • panelVisible

        void panelVisible()
        Called when the panel is made visible
      • panelHidden

        void panelHidden()
        Called when the panel is made hidden
      • getName

        String getName()
        Return the non-localized display name of this SidePanel.
      • getIcon

        Icon getIcon()
        Return the Icon to use when displaying this SidePanel