Interface OpenTypeFont.SVG

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    public static interface OpenTypeFont.SVG
    A system interface to provide an SVG parser for SVG-format fonts. Not for public use
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      • generate

        PDFCanvas generate​(String svg,
                           int em,
                           int ax,
                           int ay,
                           Color currentColor,
                           Rectangle2D bounds,
                           OpenTypeFont.Palette palette)
                    throws IOException
        Generate a PDFCanvas from the supplied SVG. The canvas should be on a scale of (1000,1000) and begin with a "d0" operator
        svg - the SVG text from the font
        em - the unitsPerEm from the font, typically 1000 or 2048
        ax - the horizontal advance
        ay - the vertical advance
        bounds - the bounds of the glyph
        palette - if not null, the palette that should be used for var() colors
        a PDFCanvas