Class DiskCache

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    public class DiskCache
    extends Object
    implements Cache
    A general purpose Cache which optionally writes closed streams to files on disk. This class has been tested on UNIX and Windows under multi-threaded environments, and we see no reason why it shouldn't work under other platforms as well. Here's a simple example:
       Cache cache = new DiskCache(System.getProperty("")+"/pdftemp.", 8192);
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      • DiskCache

        public DiskCache​(String prefix,
                         int threshold)
        Create a new DiskCache
        prefix - The prefix to begin the cached filenames with. For instance, if prefix was "/tmp/cache/mycache.", the cache files would be "/tmp/cache/mycache.NNN", "/tmp/cache/mycache.NNN" etc. The fixed prefix of the filename will be lengthened to at least 3 characters long if required.
        threshold - the minimum number of bytes that are considered worth caching to disk, or 0 to prevent caching altogether
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      • newEntry

        public Cache.Entry newEntry​(int size)
        Description copied from interface: Cache
        Return a new Cache.Entry.
        Specified by:
        newEntry in interface Cache
        size - the expected size of the buffer in byte