Big Faceless Graph Library 2.0 Tag Documentation - Copyright © 2005 Big Faceless Organization


This documentation is a reference for the XML and Tag Library interface to the Big Faceless Graph Library v 2.0

The homepage for this package is, and the definitive version of these tags will always be available online at

It describes all of the tags (and their attributes) that can be used. The layout is similar to the familiar JavaDoc layout, and for each tag shows what it does, which children it can have and so on. Each attribute is also listed, along with some information on whether it's optional or mandatory (note this is not the full story - sometimes the tags you're using will require an attribute listed as optional to be specified), whether the attribute applies only to the Tag Library interface or can be used with the plain XML as well, and the "type" of the attribute. The type may be a list of explicit values, or it may be one of the following general types:

IntegerAn integer value
RealA real value. Valid reals include the words Pi, E, NaN, +Infinity and -Infinity
Real[]An array of zero or more real values, seperated by commas - eg 1, 1.5, 2
StringAny text
Boolean"true" or "false"
ColorColors may be specified as one of the known colors "none", "black", "red", "blue", "yellow", "orange", "gray", "white", "transparent", or may be specified as #RRGGBB. Any one of these colors may be made transparent by specifying it as transparent(color, opacity), where color is a block color as defined here, and opacity is how opaque to make the color - a value of 0 is transparent, a value of 1 is opaque.
PaintA paint may be a Color, as defined above, or either a URL pointing to a bitmap file (GIF, PNG or JPEG) to be used as a pattern, or, for BarSeries data only, the phrase gradient(color1, color2), where color1 and color2 are Colors.

Those attributes defined by HTML4.0 have their types defined by the HTML4.0 specification, and users should go there for the definitions.

Big Faceless Graph Library 2.0 Tag Documentation - Copyright © 2005 Big Faceless Organization